Workshop terms and conditions 


When making a booking to take part in one of my group based Photography Workshops or 1-2-1 Private Tuition Days, you agree to the following Terms and Conditions. These Terms and Conditions apply regardless of whether the workshop event is free or if a fee is payable. Please read everything below as this document clearly sets out the expectations for participants. If you have any questions at all, please use the Contact Page on my website here:  Contact  page

1. PARTICIPANT NUMBERS. The workshop will of course be lead by me and the number of participants will be determined by me based on the location. It's highly unlikely that the total group size will exceed 10 individuals (unless stated in the workshop description) ensuring that you can receive plenty of personal attention. 

2. PERSONAL FITNESS. All workshops require some personal fitness - landscape photography often requires at least a moderate level of walking around locations and obviously you need to factor in the weight of carrying your equipment too. I will however make sure there are appropriate breaks in the day and this will be made clear to you beforehand. If you have any special mobility considerations in this respect you should contact me first to discuss this further - obviously the nature of the natural habitat can often be a little unforgiving and all locations are not necessarily suitable for all individuals. 

3.  AGE REQUIREMENTS. Unfortunately I cannot accept any workshop participants under the age of 18 at this time, unless of course they are accompanied by a parent. 

4FEES & PAYMENT. Where fees are payable to participate in a workshop, a non-refundable deposit of 25% is required to secure your place and the balance of all fees is required at least 30 calendar days before the event. Payment can be made via Credit and Debit cards using the PayPal payment system (no account with PayPal is required). Unfortunately I cannot accept cheques unless you have a French bank account. Please also note that I retain the right to refuse any booking. 

5.  APPROPRIATE CLOTHING. The nature of landscape photography means that workshops will inevitably take place in locations where we are often at the mercy of natural elements such as weather, tides and terrain. As such appropriate waterproof clothing, strong footwear such as walking boots and general protection from these elements should be born in mind and is your responsibility. 

6.  EFFECT OF ADVERSE WEATHER CONDITIONS. For obvious reasons I cannot accept any responsibility for less than perfect weather conditions during the running of a workshop. You should come prepared for changeable conditions including periods of rain as is often inevitable - I carry an umbrella as a standard part of my equipment and I genuinely work in all types of weather. Should we encounter prolonged adverse weather we might agree to retreat to a cafe or hotel where I will use my laptop or iPad to discuss individual portfolios or information on my approach to processing my images; it is my intention that there will always be something of interest other than field work by means of a fallback plan. 

7.  PERSONAL SAFETY. The legal bit - sorry but this is necessary... Although every care will be made to ensure that all known risks are pointed out to you before and during the workshop event, you retain unconditional responsibility for your own personal safety and the consequences of any accidental injuries or death which may occur as a result of your actions. This includes all financial consequences, including emergency care, recovery and any loss of income sustained as a result of personal injury on the workshop event. In particular, please note that workshops could regularly take place near potentially deep fast flowing water such as rivers or tidal locations such as beaches which may also contain hidden hazards or slippery rocks. These locations may sometimes suffer from having no mobile telephone signal or easy access to emergency facilities. Such locations obviously have elevated levels of personal risk so please be clear on your responsibilities here, if you have any questions about any location beforehand, just ask. 

8.  LOSS OR DAMAGE TO PERSONAL EQUIPMENT. Any loss, breakages or accidental damage to any of your personal property, including your vehicle, personal belongings or photographic equipment during the workshop is entirely your responsibility. As already pointed out in Section 7 above, the nature of the workshop locations may give rise to some elevated risks to you and your equipment which could occasionally be subjected to unsavoury weather conditions. Be clear on the limits of your equipment beforehand, its level of weather sealing and general protection. For example, a dunking of your expensive camera in the sea, or a smashed lens as a result of dropping it must be covered by you, whether on a personal or third party insured basis. You may wish to check with your usual Home Contents Insurance provider to see if your equipment is covered away from the home for such risks, or alternatively consult a specialist insurer for comprehensive protection of your equipment. 

9.  REFRESHMENTS & MEALS. Attendees are responsible for the cost of providing all of their own refreshments and meals. There are often hotels, cafes or restaurants that we can use for breaks, sometimes in limited choice but I hold no affiliation with any of them. We can hopefully agree as a group which to use on the day. 

10. TRANSPORT & PARKING FEES. All workshop participants are responsible for providing their own transport and paying for any parking charges that are applicable at each workshop location. It is common that parking fees apply even in the remotest of locations around Europe, though I will try and give an indication of whether parking charges may apply or not before the day. Unfortunately it's pretty safe to say that parking charges exist in most locations so be prepared with plenty of change. Workshop days are often held over two or more locations so participants must be prepared to get themselves between sites in reasonable time - car sharing is encouraged where practical. 

11. WORKSHOPS TAKING PLACE AROUND EUROPE. All workshop participants who travel across frontiers and borders are required to have in place a full valid Passport or National ID card at the date of travel.  You should also strongly consider a Travel Insurance Policy to cover any time outside of your country of origin to cover the cost of medical emergencies, treatment and repatriation, and any personal possessions and equipment. Amongst other things, I am not responsible for any costs you may incur arising from medical emergencies or associated treatment due to injury or sudden illness, delay to your journey, loss or damage to your equipment or otherwise. For the avoidance of doubt, all other sections in this Terms And Conditions document apply equally to workshops whether they take place in Europe or any other country. 

12. CHANGES TO ITINERARY. I retain the right to change any itinerary based on circumstances at the time, such as accessibility, effects of tides where applicable, changing weather conditions or anything which may elevate risk to the general safety of workshop participants. 

13.  LOAN EQUIPMENT. Please ensure that you conduct a full equipment check before joining a workshop as spare equipment is not readily available. Under any circumstances that I offer to loan equipment to any individual, that person agrees that they are wholly responsible for its safe return in the same condition. If any damage or loss occurs, the individual agrees to provide a new replacement at the full retail cost. 

14.  WORKSHOP START TIME & LATE ARRIVALS. All workshop participants are required to arrive on time for the start of the event. I will provide my mobile number to all attendees so that any late arrivals should still be able to catch up with the rest of the group if we have moved on from our meeting point. Unfortunately I cannot guarantee that a working mobile signal is available in all locations so a rough agenda is provided to all participants in advance. Please understand that obviously I cannot compromise the event for the rest of the group and as such I'm afraid that no refunds will be made for late comers who fail to connect with the wider group, regardless of the reason given. 

15. IF YOU NEED TO CANCEL YOUR WORKSHOP PLACE. Should you need to cancel your place on a workshop for any reason, the following terms apply. In order to avoid the possibility of financial loss, I would strongly advise that you take out adequate Travel Insurance. 

i. Unfortunately I am unable to refund your deposit under any circumstances as I am highly likely to have already incurred up-front costs such as booking hotel accommodation, tickets for travel and so on in order to facilitate the workshop. 

ii. I will make every effort to replace you on the workshop - if this is possible I will refund any balance to you over and above your deposit. If your place cannot be filled in time, I will be unable to make any refund. Unfortunately any payments are not transferrable to another event. 

iii. No refunds are available should you decide to leave the workshop early on the day for any reason. 

16. IF I NEED TO CANCEL A WORKSHOP. In the highly unlikely event that I need to cancel a workshop for logistical reasons, a real possibility of severe weather conditions which may put safety at risk, or if I am taken ill, I will offer you a full refund or a rescheduled event - it will be entirely your choice as to which you choose. Under any circumstances that I need to cancel say 1 day of a 2 day workshop, I will offer a 50% refund in this instance. I am however unable to offer any refunds beyond this to compensate you for any peripheral loss or cost you may have incurred, such as a hotel booking or travel, if this risk concerns you, you should arrange appropriate Travel Insurance to cover such eventualities. 

17. ACCEPTANCE & AGREEMENT. By booking a workshop place (whether free or by means of a fee), you agree to abide by these terms and conditions.


These terms and conditions are licensed from Russ Barnes Photography